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On Tour Book

“A rare book that shows, in words and 1,400 pictures,
what's really behind the flight deck door.

Ansett-refugee James Nixon captures why
people leave home to fly the world's airliners.”

- Captain Trevor Thom
Author of over 30 Aviation textbooks

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In March 2003, the day after weather forecasting for Ferrari at the Melbourne Grand Prix, Ansett Refugee James Nixon flew to Bangkok with five pairs of Tall Girl stockings which he traded for a hotel room.

An encounter with a fat Thai taxi driver -- who spoke like Michael Jackson -- broke his nerves. As therapy he began writing On Tour in the airport coffee shop.

He then flew to the U.K., Malta, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, The Seychelles, Vietnam, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Thailand, the United States Of America, The Cayman Islands, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Switzerland, Eygpt, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, The Maldives, New Zealand, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Austria, Japan, Somalia, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Yemen, Tanzania, Qatar, Oman, Iran, Pakistan, Mauritius and Kenya.

Armed with a camera and notepad, this record includes 1,450 photos and extracts from this website, On Tour despatches and internet radio broadcasts.

This is a new concept in publishing for a new age. You can dip in, read a bit, look at some pictures, and come back later. Or dive into one of the longer pieces when you have the time.

It begins with a a few heroes, then text vignettes from when the tour began, short stories describing the process of getting back on the horse that is the Airbus A320. Later there are chapters dealing in depth with each location where he setup house, each time thinking he'd be there for the next twenty years. Only to be foiled-again, visa torn-up and asked to leave the country.

Over 33,000 photos were taken on a number of Nikon and Canon cameras resulting in 1,800 useable images. These were further culled to 1,450.

Purchase of this book entitles you to two extra things; for it to be personally signed, if you can catch him along the way; and to be given a digital, signed and numbered image which you can take to the local photo shop and have printed, then framed as a piece of art*.

These extras are included because of the price of the book. You will not find this book in the remainder bin at one of the cheap bookstores. www.jamesnixon.com is not interested in wasting the planet's resources just to have books pulped.

Using the latest technology we produce books on demand for people who want to buy them, and who want to share them with others. It's not a book for looking pretty on your shelf. We hope that it is soon scuffed, dog-eared and much-thumbed.

All the while, during the production process, James was mindful of producing something for someone who, for medical or financial reasons, was unable to get out and see the world.

He explains:
‘I hope that I have sought out the quirky and stereotypical images that you, if you had come along, would have spotted too.’ Not that world travellers are exempt as readers; part of the pleasure of travel is noting how you observe things differently to others.

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