Public Speaking


20-45 minutes, lunches & after-dinner.

Things that go bump in the flight.

An examination of things that can go wrong during a flight and the remedies available to the Pilot.

People like that fly planes?

A humorous look at the career of Airline Pilots. The wild generalisations and stories of actual characters.

The Airline Business.
Mistakes made by Ansett and others can save your business.

Working for one of Airline Guru Rod Eddington's project teams, James Nixon spent 7 months studying the business of Ansett from the inside. The problems were well-known in advance and clever remedies designed. Then Air New Zealand arrived, fired all change-agents and mothballed over 70 urgent projects. James explains how the learnings from Ansett can save your business.

Process: the Pilots' secret weapon.

When will insurance companies demand the same standard from Surgeons as delivered by Pilots? Here James explains how Pilots can deliver a repeatable performance all day, every day. And how small businesses can make that step to become medium and large businesses.

How It Works: Crash Investigation.

A young industry compared with the medical and other industries, the airline business has never been able to cover up their mistakes. By investigating what happened and reporting through a branch on the United Nations, the industry has and continues to learn from its mistakes. We look at how crash investigation has turned flying into the safest-ever human activity, and ponder the big question facing all aircraft manufacturers: now we have fixed just about everything, the only problems remaining are the people sitting in the cockpit.

How It Works: The Engineering Department.

Working mainly at night, when their body clocks are at their lowest ebb, Airline Engineers provide an incredible service. An examination of their role is interesting for all passengers and very helpful for fear of flying cases.

How It Works: Pilot Training & Currency, a day in a life.

How do airlines take General Aviation Pilots and turn them into Commanders of heavy jets? What is required to keep them at the peak of their abilities? James explains how they go about a normal work day. Excellent for passengers and especially fear of flying cases.

How It Works: Flight Attendant Training, a day in a life.

The role of Flight Attendant is much broader than the public imagines. Fire Fighting, Dangerous Goods Detection, Safety, First Aid, Security and being the eyes and ears of the Flight Crew in the Cabin are their main roles. Customer Service is at the bottom of their Job Description, but the one by which they are judged by the public. Here we learn about their training, annual checks and follow a day in a life of a Flight Attendant. Excellent for passengers and fear of flying cases.

How It Works: Aviation Medicine.

The human body should be many places on the planet, but never eleven kilometres above sea level, where the time of useful consciousness is about 5 seconds and the temperature is Minus 56.5 degrees. Here we examine the major things that affect the body in an aeroplane and how we solve the problems. Excellent for all passengers and fear of flying cases.

How It Works: The Jet Engine.

Most people know how a car engine works, but have no idea about the jet engine that is much safer, reliable, more powerful and cleaner. In words everyone can understand, James explains how it works and why we should all have one.

5 hours over two days

Crash Course In Flying

(minimum 8 participants)

Does flying make you nervous? This course is for you. Most people who are in control of their lives secretly are nervous about flying. Senior executives are no exception.

In any business you will find a number of people who need this course and will enjoy the discrete nature of the course. A boardroom, video player and TV set is all we need. But the course can also be presented to a large audience.

This is a complete course for any person who Fears Flying. Covering everything needed to get you up in the air. Highly recommended by previous Fear Of Flying passengers.

What makes a Plane fly?

The Engineering professionals.

What Pilots do.

The Cabin Crew.

Living in Three Dimensions.

The Human Condition.

The safest support systems in the world.

The Crash Course includes viewing a training video that shows the worst thing that can happen, an uncontrollable engine fire at the worst possible point during the takeoff, and how the Pilots deal with it.

As well holding Airline Transport Pilot qualifications James Nixon has trained in Management (RMIT) and Acting For Film & Television (Swinburne).

Within the airline environment he edited the Airbus Fleet Magazine for five years and was a founding member of the Pilot's Safety Committee.

He is also the recipient of the President's Award from the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association and a Flight Safety Award from the Aviation Safety Foundation of Australia for his role in helping a young Pilot when weather deteriorated in Kangaroo Valley, NSW.

Besides a career in general aviation he has flown extensively around the world for numerous airlines and is endorsed on Saab 340, Boeing 727, Airbus A320, A321, A330, A340 and A380. Currently an Emirates A380 Captain, he is the author of:

On Tour

Travels With An Airline Pilot

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