Terry & Sandy

sandy and terry

Terry Nixon

One of the most impressive puppies on the planet was Terry Nixon.

He had a wicked sense of humour, couldn't resist a chocolate cake if it only required a cupboard door to be opened, loved a fresh bone and chased birds across the back yard
("Where's the Chook?") as well as helicopters and high flying aircraft ("Where's the Big Chook?")

Only defecating when outside the family property, on a walk, in public view; he loved the way the frazzled walker dived on his steaming exhibit with multiple plastic bags, asbestos gloves and ingot-lifting tongs. It made his day.

Mostly well-behaved, he loved his back being scratched, watching THE BILL ... and suffered Sandy's amorous advances. The Late Dr John Nixon remarked about the 'interesting couplings':
"What did you expect? They have been sleeping together all their lives. I would have been concerned if they didn't turn out that way."

He divided his time between sleeping, eating, discussing heartworm with Sandy and patiently waiting for his humans to recognise his rightful status. Sadly, it never happened. And despite his annual challenges to see if, this year, he had been promoted to Top Dog; he never really made it. The eternal First Officer, the loyal mate.

After fifteen good years he finally made that trip to the Vet that vindicates all the nasty thoughts ever had by all dogs ...
BAD THINGS REALLY DO HAPPEN THERE. And for Terry it did, on the 23rd March 2010.

The greatest act of love by a dog owner is to administer The Green Dream before the pain becomes too great and I'd publicly like to thank my Mum and Sister for recognising the time and acting quickly so as to prevent the suffering of our valued family member.

Sandy Nixon was a lush. Terry's younger mate, he came last in the long line of LOWLINE Kennel's award winning, beautiful blonde 'Dacksies'.

Dividing his time between slumbering, sleeping and looking beautiful, he had all the qualities befitting his breed.

A chocoholic escape artist, he saved his energy for any occasion where he could show his running prowess. It was remarkable. From a two-week dormant standing start, he was uncatchable. Ears, tail and tongue all extended; he was off. He only returned when HE was ready.

As a result, most of the time was spent in chains, except when within the back yard boundary or indoors.

His split personality allowed him to spend either ALL of his life inside lounging on a chair (for years lying on top of Terry) looking-out, waiting for Possum Time or ALL of his life on the run, solving world problems at high speed.

Possum Time occured at dusk every day when the possum that lives under a first story eve made his evening walk along the electrical cable to his favourite tree. Sandy became apoplectic announcing the high wire act.

His long nose, and his desire to stick it anywhere where it is NOT wanted, has led to him being named 'NUDGE'. He adores groins, crotches and bums.

But most of all, he loved getting-out.

Sandy lived until a few days after his much loved owner,
Barbara Nixon, passed away in December 2011. His ashes are buried under the rock in the picture above.

sandy crinkled cut ears